Great Features

 World-class online help Our online help has been exhibited at two conferences and uses unique patent-pending technology to streamline your learning process.

 Manager overview See important information at a glance, including profitability per job, employee allocations and more.

 Non-hourly measures It's hard to believe, but many timesheet systems cannot even accept daily units. Etime Biz accepts any unit that you care to define, and tallies each one of them per week.

 Independent rates for pay and billing Define pay rates and billing rates per employee, per activity or per job. Apply different rates for every timesheet entry if you need to (most companies don't need this, but it's nice to have it up your sleeve).


Why is Etime Biz better?

Five questions for business owners
Does it have online help that can be updated with your own business rules?
Does it support an open-ended approval process with unlimited approvers and delegates?
Does it support tracking of non-hourly units (e.g. day rate and mileage)?
Does it provide freedom to specify payment rates and billing rates per job, per activity and per employee?
Does it improve accuracy and eliminate multiple data entry?

Four questions for accountants
Does it track directly from timesheets to invoicing, payments and superannuation?
Does it create a job invoice with all relevant timesheets as attachments?
Can you update income tax tables, any time, at no charge?
Does it import and export all critical data (jobs, activities, taxes, employees, activity slips)?

Three questions for employees
Does it calculate your daily and weekly totals for expenses?
Does it allow you to copy last week’s timesheet?
Does it calculate your daily work in hours and minutes, based on start time and stop time?

How Etime Biz will benefit you

Instead of double and triple data entry, with Etime Biz you only need to enter data once  - in the timesheet. From there, payment and invoicing amounts are calculated, and forms printed when you need them. It even emails the forms as attachments.

How does this compare with the efficiency of your current contractor management process?

There are no issues with privacy Your sensitive business data can be protected by your own encryption key. The data is stored on our servers, but it is not human-readable without the encryption key.

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