Great Features

 Consolidated Timesheets Automatically collect all of the timesheets represented by an invoice and bundle them in a single PDF file.

 Choose what to pay contractors If contractors work on multiple jobs per week, you can choose which of those jobs to include in a pay run.

 Sophisticated workflow Etime Biz sends automatic email notifications for everything - approval request, approval, payment done, invoice submitted, and lots more.

 PDFs for everything All critical information is automatically saved in PDF format on your request. All files have logical ready-to-archive file names. No generic files names here!

Unique and versatile

With Etime Biz, timesheet workflow is within reach of every company and independent contractor. But it's a lot more than just timeshees: it takes care of payment and billing calculations too, as well as providing oversight and management tools. Now there's no excuse for recruiting agencies to keep using paper timesheets.

Define your own activities Etime Biz supports an unlimited number of activities with a very flexible range of pay and billing rules. You can define activities that use hourly or non-hourly units, and you can define any non-hourly units such as day, kilometre, photocopying or anything else that is useful for your business.

Here's a scenario: you have a contractor who gets paid $30 per hour while working at home, and $35 per hour when working in the office. Simply create an "At Home" activity and an "In Office" activity. The employee enters time using whichever is appropriate (including both in the same day, if necessary).

Etime Biz itemizes each activity on the employee's pay slip. Naturally all work is itemized on the customer invoice, showing totals per person per day.

Employee's can include expenses on their timesheet and they automatically get added to the employee's payment amount (but without attracting income tax, naturally).

Mix income tax and sales tax employees Etime Biz automatically itemizes the work of multiple contractors on the same invoice, even if some pay income tax and others are companies where you pay sales tax. It can handle multiple types of sales tax (e.g. GST and VAT) on the same invoice.

Real-life capabilities Etime Biz goes far beyond basic timesheet scenarios, allowing contractors to work on multiple jobs each day, each with a different pay and billing rate. Naturally it splits the timesheets into separate approval routes and billing totals for each job, but combines them to calculate contractor pay. Pay slips and customer invoices are fully itemized, showing all activities and rates – information that normally takes hours of unpaid work to generate every week.

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