Great Features

 Split timesheets Employees fill in one timesheet each week covering all their jobs, but have the option of submitting all jobs at once, or submitting them separately.

 Unlimited tax types Define your own income taxes and sales taxes. Income taxes are sliding-scale, with as many bands as you want.

 Unlimited approval process Each job can have 0 approvers through to as many as you care to define. Each approver can have an unlimited number of delegates, only one of whom needs to approve/reject a timesheet. No more stalled approvals when somebody is absent!

 Once-only data entry Data is tracked from timesheet to payslip to invoice to superannuation statement. Invoices save hours of work in tabulating and calculating totals for hours worked on each job.

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To give the best possible customer experience, Etime Biz can only be run from our servers. This ensures instant setup and guarantees you always have the most up-to-date version.

To get the most from a sophisticated employee workflow system, you need to load it with sensitive business information. This includes contractor pay rates, billing rates and customer lists. We understand that you don’t want anybody else to see this information—that’s why we allow you to encrypt your data, using a key know only to you. Your members won’t notice any difference, but anybody snooping around our servers will see only gibberish.

We will never intentionally give your details to any third party. We will take reasonable steps to safeguard your contact details. We will never send you advertising material. We hate spammers.

We reserve the right to display advertising material in Etime Biz to members who have a free account.

We will harvest anonymous information about usage of online help as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in user support. If we detect unusual help usage patterns, we may optionally invite you to contribute suggestions to improvement of our support materials.

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