Great Features

 Roles-based design Members log on using real-world roles such as employee, supervisor, accountant and customer. Each role in Etime has features that let people do what they've always done, but now it's all integrated.

 Manager overview See important information at a glance, including profitability per job, employee allocations and more.

 Unlimited approval process Each job can have 0 approvers through to as many as you care to define. Each approver can have an unlimited number of delegates, only one of whom needs to approve/reject a timesheet. No more stalled approvals when somebody is absent!

 Once-only data entry Data is tracked from timesheet to pay slip to invoice to superannuation statement. Invoices save hours of work in tabulating and calculating totals of hours worked on each job.

Quick tutorials (printable)

Etime Biz can be set up for basic operation in a few minutes, and the tutorials show you some of the powerful workflow features. Each tutorial takes about three or four minutes and highlights a different feature of Etime Biz, based on real-world scenarios using actors that are perhaps like people that work in your company.

Tutorial 1: Create an activity slip and submit the timesheet

Tutorial 2: Add an expense and create a new timesheet

Tutorial 3: Approve and reject timesheets

Tutorial 4: Correct a rejected timesheet

Tutorial 5: Create pay slips and invoices

MYOB sample files

Download sample MYOB files to use with the Etime Biz tutorial. This allows you to try out the bidirectional data exchange.

MYOB Accounting Plus 17 (Australia)

Login panel

Use this file if want to log in to Etime Biz from your own web site or intranet instead of the default page on the the Etime Biz site. You need HTML skills to use this file! For instructions, refer to the online help after joining Etime biz.

Login panel

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