Great Features

 Split timesheets Employees fill in one timesheet each week covering all their jobs, but have the option of submitting all jobs at once, or submitting them separately.

 Unlimited tax types Define your own income taxes and sales taxes. Income taxes are sliding-scale, with as many bands as you want.

 Unlimited approval process Each job can have 0 approvers through to as many as you care to define. Each approver can have an unlimited number of delegates, only one of whom needs to approve/reject a timesheet. No more stalled approvals when somebody is absent!

 Once-only data entry Data is tracked from timesheet to payslip to invoice to superannuation statement. Invoices save hours of work in tabulating and calculating totals for hours worked on each job.

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We're here to help

You would normally expect that free software has poor quality online help. Or perhaps no help at all. Here’s our challenge: click the Help button on any web-based timesheet system, at any price, and compare it to the online help in Etime Biz. You will likely be surprised at what you get for free in Etime Biz.

As well as detailed online help explaining how the many features work, we have a patented Our Help feature which enables you to add your own business rules on any page.

Our demo company is loaded with everything you need to start using Etime Biz in less than a minute. It has employees, customers, jobs, taxes ... everything. You just create a name for your new demo company, log on and start submitting timesheets. It sends all of the automatic emails to you, so you can view the end-to-end process.

We also have a formal support ticket system where you can report problems and request enhancements.

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